Can there be Spiritual 

Sexuality ?

You might be shocked and surprised when I tell you that I know professing Christians, both male and female, who claim that they experience spiritual-sexual intimacy with Jesus. I've told them straight how I feel about this, and I can only pray for them.

However, I'm more worried about the masses of Christians who are teetering on the edge of this gross and blasphemous practice without realising it. These are the people I hope will be challenged by this subject.

Tantric sex, as this is in reality, is now widespread among those who are into all things alternative, and at the heart of this is the deliberate mixing of sexuality and spirituality. There are organisations which claim to be Christian who openly promote tantric sex, but there are also many individuals who are caught up in the extreme side of the Charismatic Church who unwittingly play with this occult practice. They are either closing their eyes to the occult origins of these activities or are unaware of the full implications of their actions.

The Eastern beliefs behind tantric sex are that we have 7 chakras throughout our bodies. These are centres of spiritual energy that they claim are linked to the energy of the cosmos. The area at the base of the spine is where they say our sexual chakra is located and this is also where they believe that a powerful spirit-snake called a Kundalini is coiled up. There are various methods of exciting this spirit so that it can carry sexual sensations to other chakras in the body. The claim is that this heightens sexual enjoyment and adds a spiritual element to the physical activity of sex.


This is a ritual snake dance that originally comes from Buddhism and Hinduism, that is designed specifically to arouse the kundalini spirit as a group experience. This involves two rows of people standing opposite each other, who join hands in the air to make a tunnel while the other participating members go through the tunnel. As they progress along they have hands laid on them to impart energy. By the time they exit the tunnel (called the Tunnel of Fire) they are often zombie-like and many different things can happen. Some fall over and go into a trance, some writhe as if they were having a fit, some moan in ecstasy. It affects people in different ways, but apparently it's intensely enjoyable and people claim to have visions and out-of-body experiences. 

However this ceremony may be presented, it is clearly intended to be both spiritual and sexual. This is not a Godly ceremony that Satan has copied, this is a demonic ritual that some churches are using and claim it is Godly.

It's sad to relate that this demonic ceremony is now being practiced in churches throughout the world. One of my daughters found herself in an interdenominational youth meeting in England where she was at University, a guest speaker unexpectedly decided to tell the young people about the Tunnel of Fire. She had heard already of this ceremony and knew that it was evil. She said she had two options, one was to leave the meeting promptly, and the other was to stay and pray against it in Jesus' name. Bravely she decided to stay and pray. The so-called blessing that the speaker tried to pass on thankfully ended up as a total non-event. 


My concern is for the many who are deceived into believing that this ceremony brings them closer to God. Tantric sex, Yoga/Meditation, and the Tunnel of Fire are NOT Christian. In fact God sees these activities as a form of adultery against Himself.

Clearly anyone practicing these things lacks any spiritual discernment and their faith is in 'spiritual' experiences rather than in the person of Jesus Christ.

Does our holy God really want this sort of intimacy? Clearly not! You will notice that in the Old Testament times God tells His people that even associating with pagan religions and practices was spiritual adultery. Isaiah 2 v 6

You have abandoned your people - because they are full of superstitions from the east, they practice divination and clasp hands with pagans.


There is no case in Scripture for God being sexual or having a sexual relationship with his creation, and Jesus clearly states that heaven is asexual like the angels. Matt 22v 29-30.

What people are touching here is not God, but evil seductive spirits. The world is blatantly using this same ceremony for sexual reasons. Yoga and Meditation can also be part of this sexual spirituality. 

I believe that God destroyed the ancient world in Noah's time, because they were mixing spirituality and sexuality. Women were having spiritual-sexual relationships with fallen angels (demons).

When researching this subject, I found what appeared to be a contradiction in the Bible. Jesus tells us that angels are neither male nor female. So how could fallen angels have sex with women as described in Genesis 6 v 1-4?

I recently understood the answer to this question. Demons want to inhabit humans because they have no flesh and blood themselves, but by indwelling and controlling humans they can live out their malevolent desires through the bodies of men and women.

This is exactly the reason for the Tunnel of Fire ceremony, it's to awaken or implant a demon into submissive people and then this evil spirit will gradually reach into every part of their body, as is encouraged in the new age teaching about chakras.

Any Christian organisation or church that practices these things should be avoided like the plague and identified as heretical by the true Church of Jesus Christ. Jesus said that he would return when the world was just like it was in the day of Noah. That time has now come. Matt.24:37-39.

Do You Need Help?

If you've unwittingly become involved, then you need to take firm and prompt action.

Firstly, repent and ask God for his forgiveness and cleansing; then, cut yourself off from the people or church who are practicing the Tunnel of Fire or Meditation and Yoga. Then find yourself a decent Christian Church, and even if it seems dull by comparison, stick with it while God heals you and changes your priorities. Finally, read the Bible!

I hate to have to speak of these things, they sound like sensationalism, but they're not. Sadly, these terrible practices are really happening now,and lovely Christian people the world-over are being hoodwinked.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       

Lord Jesus, come quickly before even the elect are deceived! 

How much further can the church fall before it wakes up to the reality and truth of God's word. God has given us the great blessing of marriage with its wonderful joint commitment and intimacy, are we really prepared to run the risk of involving an evil spirit in that relationship too?

The Church is the future Bride of Christ. The Lord Jesus, the same Bridegroom who demands us to not be intimate with our chosen earthly partner before marriage is not going to be intimate with his future Bride before the promised marriage in heaven! The Bible does not tell us what that future intimacy will be like, the indication is rather that it won’t be sexual. The whole area of spiritual intimacy that is being offered by ‘Big Name’ teachers at the moment is far removed from the picture of a chaste spotless and Holy Bride-in-waiting that the Bible gives us.

Martyn Cunnington  

© Martyn Cunnington revised 2021