New Age Gospel

Churches all around the World have been encouraged to present a different Gospel.

This other Gospel is centred on people, rather than God. For example one of the proponents of this New Age Gospel had the following 5 points as the basis of his message:

1 Accept yourself

2 Love yourself

3 Be true to yourself

4 Forgive yourself

5 Believe in yourself

These headings are contrary to what Jesus has said.

Matt.16 v 23-24

‘Jesus turned and said to Peter, ’Get behind me Satan! You are a stumbling block to me; you do not have in mind the things of God, but the things of men.’ Then Jesus said to his disciples,’ If anyone would come after me, he must deny himself and take up his cross and follow me.’

Denying ourselves as Jesus told us, is contrary to the aims of the ‘New Gospel’

Jesus also said, ‘I have chosen you out of this World, that is why the World hates you.’

John 15 v 20

‘If they persecuted me they will also persecute you.’


Jesus told the truth to his followers and it’s clear that the church isn’t meant to be the winner of a popularity competition! So, should we be changing the Gospel to make it more attractive to the World?

We’ve been informed that we must remove some very off-putting things from our Gospel. The word SIN is out, so is REPENTANCE, HOLINESS and being BORN AGAIN and also that JESUS is the ONLY WAY to God. These things are said to be objectionable, judgemental and unmarketable.

We’re told ‘You just can’t talk to people like that anymore!’ Our marketing of the church must change, they say. Hence the seeker friendly gospel.

Marketing the Gospel?

Let’s take a look at some of the really successful advertising campaigns that we so often see in our newspapers and on the television.

A top selling air freshener.

A delightful and pretty young housewife is expecting a visit from her mother-in-law. She puts the finishing touches to her housework just as the doorbell rings. She opens the door and there is her critical-looking mother-in-law. The lady takes only two steps into the house and then collapses on the floor, completely overcome by the smell of stale air in her daughter-in-laws home. The charming young women suddenly realises what the problem is, and after a few discrete puffs of the air freshener, mum recovers and is obviously delighted with the way her daughter-in-law is looking after her house.

The message is clear; YOUR HOUSE STINKS! Not just a little bit, but it’s so horrible that everyone will think that you’re disgusting and filthy. BUT here is the answer to your problem, ‘our powerful air freshener'. People buy it by the million.

There’s a top selling deodorant that uses exactly the same advertising strategy only this time the message is; YOU STINK! Once again the answer to your predicament is offered, 'a fail proof deodorant'.

The fact is, that this approach to selling a product is one of the most successful advertising strategies that exists.

So, what strategy did the clever people behind the 'New Gospel' use to sell their product to the church? They used exactly the same method that they tell us we can't use because it won't work!

Surprise, surprise, they told us that our old biblical Gospel was useless, you can’t use words like sin, repentance, hell and judgement nowadays THE OLD GOSPEL STINKS. Then they offered us the solution to our problem; a nicely packaged, slick new, unbiblical Gospel, but a Gospel that’s impotent. The church has rushed out to buy it!

BUT, wait a minute. The successful TV advertisers message is tough, they tackle very personal issues head-on, and so do the salesmen of the 'New Gospel' when they're selling it to us! So why can’t the church use the same method as the experts when spreading the true Gospel, it obviously works a treat?

The church should go out and tell people that they have a nasty and serious problem- UNFORGIVEN SIN. Provided we then offer them the answer to the problem - Christ’s pardon and forgiveness, people will buy it. We will be using the most powerful advertising strategy that’s available. God designed it!

The church has been sold a lie, there is nothing wrong with our Gospel, its wonderful, it works and it has the power of God behind it! Perhaps the new entertaining Gospel might get more people to church, but that isn’t the reason Jesus died, he died to cleanse people from the fact that they STINK OF SIN, they’re going to hell and they need to be told!

Of course we need to be relevant, live out the Gospel and perhaps explain the Gospel through our own testimonies, avoid jargon and obvious things like that, but the Gospel is God’s plan of Salvation.

Gal. 1 v 9

‘Even if we or an angel from heaven preach to you a Gospel contrary to what we have (already) preached, let him be cursed'.

The Bible says very clearly that; ‘All are sinners in rebellion against God and are under the wrath of God and face judgement.’

These hard, but true scriptures are not the message the New Gospel wants to give to the World.

Our true Gospel is about a choice between life and death.Rom. 1 v16

The true church is the Bride of Christ and is being made ready and beautiful for her bridegroom – Jesus. 

The Church should not be seducing the World by flirting with it.

Since writing this article some years ago, the true nature of this movement has become very clear. The originators of the 'marketing gospel' are simply undiscerning ‘New Age’ salesmen, with no real respect for the Word of God.

Martyn Cunnington 

© Martyn Cunnington revised 2021