Dualism is Dangerous 

There’s a common thread that runs through most of the heresy that is invading the church nowadays.

This basic error is the (often unrecognised) philosophy of dualism.

The word 'dualism' means many different things to many different people. My computer's dictionary has about six different shades of meaning for the word, but it does include 'dualism' in the sense that I see it as a danger to us as Christians.

This definition describes dualism as a 'religious doctrine - that the universe contains opposed powers of good and evil, especially seen as balanced equals.'

Eastern religions and philosophies often deny the fact that God is a person, and are usually based on dualism. The very idea that good and evil are equals, even if it doesn't appear to deny the existence of God, certainly challenges our Christian understanding of a Holy God.

So You don’t think Dualism affects you.

You might think that dualism doesn't affect your life at all, but if I mention the now all too familiar words Yin and Yang, or Zen or Fen Shui, all of which describe a state of balance between good and evil, you have to admit that we are now living surrounded by a belief in dualism.

In the Bible we see that there definitely are powers that oppose good and that these powers are evil. The Bible however shows that good is personified by God and evil is personified by Satan, not just forces,   but personalities. The Bible also shows that good will triumph over evil and certainly not that they co-exist in a perfect balance.

The Oriental ideas show 'God' as an impersonal force that contains both good and evil in perfect balance. You would think that such ideas are so opposed to the teaching of the Bible that no Christian would even consider God as a dualistic force with no personality. Yet I read a post on facebook by a Baptist minister I know, his post said that 'God is not a person, but an idea, a force and an ideal.' This is the sort of pastor that some Bible Colleges are producing today.

The Eastern belief in a dualistic force that is everywhere, has been welcomed by almost all the alternative elements of religion and particularly by the new age movement. 

Many of the psychological tools that the church is using today come from a basic belief in dualism. Very few Christian leaders recognise the dangers that lie hidden behind what has now become their normal everyday working methods. The problem is that these covert philosophies work subtly to undermine biblical truth as they are actually in direct spiritual conflict with the Christian faith.

An example of the deceit

In order to sell the idea of dualism as the perfect 'balance', it was necessary for the purveyors of this heresy to negate the Biblical teaching about sin and holiness. One of the ways they did this was by saying that the Gospel is not about sin and holiness, but about shame and honour. They go on to state that the word shame appears in the Bible twice as many times as the word sin (this is quite simply a lie). Therefore, they say, the main purpose of the Bible and the Gospel is to remove our shame, not our sin. Now considering that sin is an offence against God and shame is just how we feel about ourselves, clearly they think that self esteem is more important than the forgiveness of sin. Thousands of church leaders have swallowed this rubbish, hook, line and sinker, probably because they're too lazy to count the words. I counted them though and I can assure you that the word sin appears in Scripture almost twice as many times as the word shame! So, if the number of times a word is used in the Bible does have any bearing on its significance, then sin is the most important reason that Jesus came to redeem us, not shame. Only the blood that Jesus shed on the cross can deal with sin, which it does once and for all, but shame can be relieved by any manner of feel good, self-help and psychological systems. 

This apparently minor change of emphasis, (from sin to shame) in fact changes Christianity from being God centred to being man centred.

Dualism gets everywhere

The almost unnoticed acceptance of dualism is just another strategy being used by the 'One World Religion' movement. Many Christian leaders are helping to spread the pluralistic idea that by compromising their core and distinctive beliefs, all religions can be at peace with each other and that we all worship the same God anyway.

However, the God of Christianity is NOT dualistic, but a Trinity of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. Each member of this Trinity is an individual person, with power and the ability to make decisions. Yet as one they are so close in their unity that they never disagree nor seek their own glory.

We really need to recognise that if our God is not the Trinity, then it is not the God of the Bible, and so not our Christian God.

Clearly a dualistic God, who is half good and half bad in exactly equal amounts, is a contradiction of the basic beliefs of Christianity. Yes, the Bible does speak of two opposing forces, but they are two distinctly different and opposite entities.

Far from being two complimentary halves of a whole, the powers of darkness tremble at the name of Jesus, because they know that they will finally be overcome, punished and destroyed because of Jesus glorious victory on the cross.

Martyn Cunnington

© Martyn Cunnington revised 2021